Leadership Development Team

The PIP group is a leadership development team, consisting of seconds in faculty and TLR post holders, that have been pioneering research and reflective practice that will improve teaching and learning across school and contribute to accelerating progress. This group is also used to train ITT and NQT colleagues as part of their bespoke training programme, as well as cascading back into faculty development. 

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Research projects and in-depth reflection through this group will continue to support driving forward faculties with innovative approaches to teaching and learning contributing to the SIP. 

Expectations include:

  • Be pioneers of innovative practice and actively drive forward teaching and learning within faculties.
  • Work collaboratively with other PIP members in a coaching context to evaluate and share ideas about T&L initiatives.
  • Be a reflective practitioner and evaluate upon your own practice and the impact of your role within your faculty area in driving forward literacy, progress and T&L
  • Be proactive in the development and implementation of strategies to improve literacy, progress, T&L in faculties.
  • Be proactive in the monitoring of literacy, progress and T&L strategies you implement and evaluate their effectiveness

Over the last few years, the PIP group have conducted research and trialled numerous teaching and learning strategies and have collaboratively evaluated such strategies. Additionally PIP members have been encouraged to complete reflective journals of their practice to better monitor their impact on the initiatives covered this year. All research has been based around whole school agendas for the SIP and to refresh the expectations of teacher standards. 

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This has cascaded back into faculties and has been shared at whole school level this year through the new teaching and learning magazines introduced as well as fortnightly bulletins. The research initiatives that have been undertaken are detailed in the download links at the bottom of the page.

Exam Ready – Y11

Study Skills Guide

The PIP group have contributed to the creation of a Study Skills Guide that has been given to each Y11 pupil and is used in Y11 revision evenings, whereby study skills were shared and practised, as well as this being shared across school to support teaching and learning of revision skills and exam technique. 

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Walk and Talk Mocks

Training has been delivered to all staff in relation to teaching and delivering exam technique. All subject areas are now equipped and have delivered “walk and talk” mock exams in order to accelerate progress of KS4 pupils and provide pupils with a more in depth understanding of exam requirements and techniques specific to each subject and exam board.

Revision Evening

Every year pupils, parents and carers are invited to a focused revision evening whereby they engage and interact with a range of revision and exam preparation activities, in order to support revision, consolidation of learning and time management in relation to workload. #such activities include developing effective revision timetables and a variety of specific revision techniques linked to the Study Skills guide, as well as opportunities for subject specific revision.





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    “Pupils are helpful, polite and courteous to staff, visitors and to each other. The atmosphere in school is positive, supportive and caring.” Ofsted 2016

    Ofsted 2016

    “The teaching of mathematics is effective. Most pupils make good progress in this subject.”


    68% of students make expected progress or better

    More able

    “They are given a significant range of extra opportunities which prepare them well for life beyond the school. These pupils speak with passion and confidence about their ambitious aspirations for the future.” Ofsted 2016


    of more able students achieved an A or A*

    Students leaving with 5 A*-C grades, including English and maths

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