Rewards at The Dearne ALC

The key focus of the reward plan is to ensure that all students are praised for positive attitude, application and effort throughout school.  Praise and Rewards will be used to celebrate success, to raise student motivation and self-esteem and their success will be shared with a range of audiences. We will develop the whole student and school will provide opportunities for rewarding their development as independent learners.

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How do teacher reward students?

If any teacher feels any student has displayed positive attitudes to learning in their lesson they are free to reward them. The main list of rewards is below:

  1. Stamps
  2. Subject Stickers
  3. House stickers
  4. Praise Notes – Green Pad
  5. Positive phone calls home
  6. Positive on call
  7. Fast Track passes for lunch (Head of Year)

Alternatively each department has a selection of postcards which teachers can give to students at their discretion.

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How else are students rewarded?

Termly Reward Assemblies are held at The Dearne ALC celebrating success -Held in summer, autumn and spring Terms

Students receive awards for the following:     

  1. Head teacher awards (Outstanding progress)
  2. Gold, Silver or Bronze stars in GSB Club -  with special events and prizes
  3. 100% Attendance- with pizza parties and treats  
  4. Department awards for progress and attitude to learning
  5. Year Group Awards
  6. Special Nominations

Also at the end of the academic year each year group is celebrated at the awards evening for their respective year.  

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We also run lots of individual and groups rewards for positive attitudes for learning and attendance; these range from bacon butties to Hot Chocolate Friday with one of the Vice Principals. 

We will develop a framework that is clear and transparent and involves the whole school to identify the students who are working hard to achieve their potential in all areas of school life. We will implement strategies which will record their efforts and ensure staff rewards these efforts in a fair and consistent manner.

Rewards will be used to encourage students to continue to be positive towards school life and also be used as a strategy to encourage students who show signs of disaffection. 

Attitudinal data

School attitudinal data will be collected on a regular basis, linked to year group achievement and the house system. This data will be used to establish a sense of community and belonging. The reward system will encourage students to work towards their potential for personal benefits but also to support the form, year and / or house group that they belong too. Students will be involved in take responsibility for their own learning. They will be encouraged to review their progress on a regular basis and record their successes through records of achievements.

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This information will be shared with parents on student review day, parents evenings and at celebratory events and will be used to raise the profile of achievement and to establish an ethos of sharing positive learning with home and the community.

The school and the Community development will continue to develop stronger links with the community to ensure that parents understand and support the key role that they must play in their child’s learning and to inform them of their child’s successes. 

Students will be rewarded in a variety of ways, both in and out of the classroom.  Contribution to our school and to the wider community will be recognised and rewarded by all staff in school as these foster a sense of personal belonging and enhances the school community.

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All students will be encouraged to be part of and involved in developing the school community, through the student council. The school council will contribute to different areas of school development, using student working parties, led by key staff. The future house system will be introduced to further develop a sense of community and this, along with a variety of strategies will develop the student’s socialisation skills and encourage a sense of healthy competition.

Students will be rewarded for their hard work and the school will celebrate success at every opportunity.  The school assessment process will be directly linked to the rewards systems.  It will be used for students to see the connection between a good attitude, hard work, success and rewards.  The importance of establishing an understanding of the link between attendance at school, success and progress will be a key focus for us at the Dearne ALC.  Success will be high profile and celebrated on a whole school level. All staff, in all areas of school life, will be encouraged to support this rationale.





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    “Pupils are helpful, polite and courteous to staff, visitors and to each other. The atmosphere in school is positive, supportive and caring.” Ofsted 2016

    Ofsted 2016

    “The teaching of mathematics is effective. Most pupils make good progress in this subject.”


    68% of students make expected progress or better

    More able

    “They are given a significant range of extra opportunities which prepare them well for life beyond the school. These pupils speak with passion and confidence about their ambitious aspirations for the future.” Ofsted 2016


    of more able students achieved an A or A*

    Students leaving with 5 A*-C grades, including English and maths

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