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An Overview of the House system

The House System was introduced in September 2016 and every student and staff member at The Dearne ALC is a member of a ‘House’. The Houses are made up of all students from years 7 to 11. Each student and staff members is given a badge which shows the House that they will represent.

There are five Houses at The Dearne ALC. The theme chosen is mythical creatures which are linked to two of the school value words.

For more information on House systems, please see the video below: 

The Mission

The House system will aim to be a long-standing tradition that creates competition, promotes good work and a positive approach school life, encourages teamwork, provides opportunities to take on responsibilities and brings everyone in the school together.

Why do we have a House system?

“For the personal development and wellbeing of students”
  • House groups and events can provide the opportunities, support, motivation and encouragement necessary for students to;
  • To achieve some form of success in any area of school life (From Tiddlywinks to student leadership)
  • Develop their skills and character through participation & involvement
  • Develop a sense of belonging & community


House House Colour House Master
Pegasus Blue Mr Horbury and Mr Simon
Sphinx White Mrs Cherry and Mrs Fisher
Griffin Yellow Ms Westcott and Mrs Rodgers
Titans Green Miss Green and Mr Hesford
Pheonix Red Mrs Child and Mr Richardson
Griffin House Team | The Dearne ALC
Griffin House Team | The Dearne ALC

House Competitions

A number of House competitions take place throughout the year; all competitions give students and staff the opportunity to win House points and enjoy school life and experience a little healthy competition. House points are added together and the House with the most points at the end of the year will win the overall House competition and trophy.

House weeks will occur once every term. One event is run by each faculty and another by the House team. House team week is the week prior to rewards week and the other week varies dependent on other events taking place and the school timetable/calendar.


The tables below show how points are awarded:

G, S, B Faculty Competitions
Gold 50 1st Place 100
Silver 30 2nd Place 50
Bronze 20 3rd Place 25
Head of Faculty Nomination 10 Entering 1
Head of House Nomination 10
Volunteering House Event Competitions
Parents’ Evening 10 1st Place 100
Open Evening 10 2nd Place 50
Any Other 10 3rd Place 25
Student Council 1 Entering 1
Student Leadership Attendance
Sports (school representation) 30 100% 1
Peer Mentoring 30 Parents Evening 50
Extra-Curricular 30
Fantastic Friday – Staff
Winner 50




    Griffin House


    Phoenix House


    Titan House


    Sphinx House


    Pegasus House

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    “Pupils are helpful, polite and courteous to staff, visitors and to each other. The atmosphere in school is positive, supportive and caring.” Ofsted 2016

    Ofsted 2016

    “The teaching of mathematics is effective. Most pupils make good progress in this subject.”


    68% of students make expected progress or better

    More able

    “They are given a significant range of extra opportunities which prepare them well for life beyond the school. These pupils speak with passion and confidence about their ambitious aspirations for the future.” Ofsted 2016


    of more able students achieved an A or A*

    Students leaving with 5 A*-C grades, including English and maths

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