Vision and Ethos

Governors will act as advocates for every child in pursuit of excellence for every young person at The Dearne ALC.
Governors have a clear vision for every child built on ambition and aspiration for every single student and the future they will move into. 

Their core vision is that every Dearne student, no matter what their ability or circumstance, will be developed as an individual during their time at the school and so have the highest aspirations for their own future. The ethos created will ensure every young person is sufficiently successful, academically and personally, to go on to lead an ambitious future of their choice.

The ethos created will ensure that every child should leave as a 'good person', with a deep understanding of the importance of the Dearne 'Value words' as cornerstones to them  living happy and fulfilling future lives. They will develop the knowledge, skills and resilience to be 21st Century ready, understanding that through their actions they can positively contribute to society and be driving forces for good. The Governors' vision is that The Dearne, a real community based school and a true community resource, will help develop young people who are proud to attend The Dearne and are proud of their achievements. 

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The families who send their children to The Dearne will do so with pride, knowing that this is their school of choice and of academic excellence; that The Dearne is respected for its ambitious aspirations for every child and a knowledge that when a young person attends The Dearne they can go on to achieve great things with their qualifications and their lives. Whether it is utilising The Dearne's careers, enterprise and business focus or the high academic aspirations held for very able students, every student will reach the full stretch of their ambitious potential without limits.

Ambitious Aspirations | The Dearne ALC

The Governors' vision extends to creating a committed, aspirational and dedicated workforce of adults striving for the success of the young people of The Dearne. They too will drive the ambition and high expectations and be committed to working professionally and with high levels of dedication towards students and their futures. 

The vision is that The Dearne will attract high calibre professionals who make a resolute, positive choice to work at The Dearne and who flourish through the training and high expectations expected for them and of them as valued colleagues. 

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The vision is that our staff will engage with other learning environments and organisations at all levels and in all parts of the country and beyond in order to share best practice and develop the leaders of education for both today and tomorrow.

The Governors' vision extends to the delivery of a learning environment that fully engages with the families and communities it serves and that the ambition and expectation for the future of our young people becomes a fully embedded joint venture which creates future generations of Dearne students who positively transform the worlds into which they stride.

The Governors' vision, simply stated is... Aspiration - Ambition - Achievement




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    “Pupils are helpful, polite and courteous to staff, visitors and to each other. The atmosphere in school is positive, supportive and caring.” Ofsted 2016

    Ofsted 2016

    “The teaching of mathematics is effective. Most pupils make good progress in this subject.”


    68% of students make expected progress or better

    More able

    “They are given a significant range of extra opportunities which prepare them well for life beyond the school. These pupils speak with passion and confidence about their ambitious aspirations for the future.” Ofsted 2016


    of more able students achieved an A or A*

    Students leaving with 5 A*-C grades, including English and maths

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